Nature-WEB Africa

Research, surveys, informatics, and consultancies in the fields of wildlife ecology (W), environmental management (E), and biodiversity informatics (B) in Africa.

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Our Mission

To develop, support and promote nature conservation and environmental management efforts/projects, especially in data deficient areas and key ecosystems across the African Continent.

Our Focus

We are committed to advancement of the following 3 focus areas. Download this brochure for more details.

Wildlife Ecology

Wildlife ecology, conservation and management.

  • Ornithology
  • Primates
  • Large mammals
  • Carnivores

Environmental Management

  • Forestry & Ethnobotany
  • Agro-ecosystems & landscape ecology
  • Protected Area Management
  • Community Based Natural Resources Management
  • Environmental Education
  • Invasive Alien Species Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessments

Biodiversity Informatics

  • Biodiversity monitoring & conservation appraisals
  • Species distribution modelling (population surveys)
  • Ecological niche modelling (habitat suitability surveys)
  • Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) change detection
  • Socio-economic surveys (Target Group Assessments)
  • GIS & Remote sensing (spatial-temporal analyses)

Get Involved

NatWEB is looking to increase its research activity this year by engaging two undergraduate students willing to carry out their research work. If you wish to learn more click the link below.

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Our Work

We have a number of pending or ongoing projects being carried out by our team. Further enquiries regarding our work below can be made to

  • Projects
  • Consultancies
  • Conservation Research


We engage in application of sound ecological principles in the design, facilitation/support, and implementation of projects within our focus areas.

Integrated Forestry-Education

Constructed Small Wind Turbines (SWiTs) for rural electrification, Rumphi, Malawi (NatWEB & IMAJINET, Collaboration, 2021-present)


Domestication of edible orchids

Conducted with communities surrounding Nyika National Park. (Peace Parks Foundation, NatWEB Support)


Bracken fern control intervention

Conducted on the grassland plateau in Nyika National Park, Malawi. (Peace Parks Foundation, NatWEB Support)


Consultancy Services

We offer research and consultancy services within our fields of focus and technical specialty to different clients at from the individual to corporate level.

Conservation Research

We carry out research and informatics within research areas of our research focus with either internal funds, in partnerships/collaborations with independent researchers and institutions, or fully funded by international organizations.


Contact us at the following


Area 7, Plot E/10, Lilongwe, Malawi.

Postal Address:

P.O. Box 20536, Lilongwe, Malawi.



+265 (0) 991 205 780

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